Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs take place after-school currently at both Covenant Lower School and Charlottesville Catholic School. If you are interested in these opportunities for your students and are not attending either of the host schools please contact us to discuss the opportunity. Please Contact Us or send us an email to info@steamdiscoveryacademy.com to learn more.

Title Course Dates Course Description Notes Fee

Battle Bots

Wednesdays Sep 12 thru Nov 14

Learn the basics of robotics and compete in a variety of design and battle challenges. Engineer Sphero, Cublets, Ozobots, and Kamigami robots to compete in a variety of challenges. Battle in races, sumo wrestling, and a variety of freestyle events. This program contains art and design with robot play. Compete to see what strategies and techniques are the most successful.

Grades 1-8 are welcome to attend. Takes place at 3:30-5:00 pm on Wednesday's.


Cooking With STEAM

Thursdays Sep 13 thru Nov 15

Experiment and discover chemistry and techniques found throughout your kitchen. Cultivating confidence and memories while students engage with food to learn about seasonality, sustainability, ecology, international foods, nutrition, history, culture, health, and well-being. Learn safety and problem solving using math and science in the kitchen.

Takes place Thursday's from 3:30-5:00pm. There is no class on Nov. 8th.



Fri Sep 21

Make it rain, create a tornado and discover a variety of weather types. Engineer a wind powered car and make a kite.

Takes place 1:30-5:00pm.


Wildlife and Dissection

Fri Oct 19

Explore types of wildlife through diorama construction and dissection. Dissect owl pellets, squid and Spiny Dogfish Shark.

Takes place 11:30-5:00pm.


Drone Training

Thu Nov 8

Learn how to code and fly drones. Discover a variety of tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers and soldering irons used with electronics. Solve real-life problems, with drones.

Takes place 1:30-5:00pm.