3 - 5

Third Grade through Fifth Grade

Food as Art

Experiment and discover chemistry and techniques used to turn your food into art. Learn safety and problem solving using math and science in the kitchen. Carve fruit, build a potato character, discover jack-o-
lanterns and make candy.

Gaming and Computer Arts

Discover the process of designing games by creating and testing a board game that
is challenging, creative and fun to play. Utilize this knowledge to practice the basics of video game design with
Bloxels and Doodlematic. Investigate the importance of art in developing a variety of video games.


Imagine being stranded on a deserted island... Build new skills and compete in STEAM challenges to
help you survive. Challenges include papermaking to send a message in a bottle, making soap, candle making to
light up the dark, and engineering a coconut launcher to ward off pirates.

Tennis Experience with ACAC

Looking to spend a week of your summer enhancing your skills on the tennis court while challenging your mind to problem solve solutions to enriching academic activities? We have the program for you. We have partnered with ACAC and tennis pro, Jason Grigg to create a unique take on a summer tennis program. Students select any age appropriate STEAM Discovery Academy course located on select weeks at Charlottesville Catholic School and notify us that you are interested in the Tennis Experience. The program will start at 9:00am at CCS.