The STEAM Discovery Academy requires students to apply for the various courses and sports programs. Students are accepted based on age, interest and availability of the program.

Applications are accepted on a space available, rolling basis. Please allow one business day for a decision.

Please complete the following application form, including a student’s personal statement as to why they want to attend and a $25 application fee. If accepted the application fee is deducted from the total tuition. If not accepted deposit is returned.

Upon being accepted we will provide a registration form and payment details.


Child Order
Child Applicant

To select your courses:
1. Select the Appropriate Grade Level
2. Check the Courses that you wish to take. Select only from your Grade Level and select only one course per week.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the 'Select Courses' button.
4. IMPORTANT! Your selection is not finalized until you scroll to the bottom again and click the 'Add Selected Courses' button to complete the process.

Please use the area below for any additional comments, or questions you would like us to get back to you about. If you are not seeing your selected course, make sure that you scrolled to the bottom and click the Add Selected Courses button. If you still have challenges, feel free to email us with the Course Name(s), Week(s) and Location(s) for any courses and we'll tell the Database what it needs to know. The more detail, the better!


Application Status