Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are open to only to students at the host schools. At this time, they take place after-school at Charlottesville Catholic School, The Covenant School Birdwood Campus, and ACAC Adventure Central. If you are interested in these opportunities for your students and are not attending either of the host schools please contact us to discuss the opportunity either by clicking here Contact Us or sending us an email to info@steamdiscoveryacademy.com to learn more.

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Title Course Dates Course Description Notes Fee

Sparking Circuits

Tuesdays Jan 7 thru Feb 11

Discover basic circuitry through experimentation and building. Investigate a switch and explore sensors. Develop a blinking paper robot, invent an intruder alert and engineer an electric vehicle. This course will utilize Little Bits, Tekniko and Legos.

Jan 7 – Feb 11, 2020


Girls Leadership Jumpstart

Thursdays Jan 9 thru Feb 13

Explore what it means to be brave, increase self-confidence, and build resilience through interactive challenges and collaborative projects. Girls will practice effective interpersonal skills and increase their understanding of wellness. They will explore what inspires them and that leadership is something they can live every day. 

Jan 9 – Feb 13, 2020

(Only available grade 3-8)


Board Game and Pinball Design

Thursdays Jan 9 thru Feb 13

Learn to play a few top games such as Beasts of Balance, Klask, Gigamons, and Turing Tumble.  Engineer games with cardboard. Learn 3-D design and 3-D print your own game pieces. Develop and play your own pinball game.   

Jan 9 - Feb 13, 2020


Drone Academy

Tuesdays Feb 25 thru Mar 31

Prepare for this emerging industry by learning how drones fly and apply that knowledge to flying drones. Develop your coding skills as you make both ground and flying vehicles autonomous. Discover applications for these robots and invent new ideas that incorporate these awesome machines. 

Feb 25 - March 31, 2020


Battle Bots

Thursdays Feb 27 thru Apr 2

Learn the basics of robotics and compete in a variety of design and battle challenges. Engineer Sphero, Cublets, Ozobots, and Kamigami robots to compete in a variety of challenges. Battle in races, sumo wrestling, and a variety of freestyle events. This program contains art and design with robot play. Compete to see what strategies and techniques are the most successful.

Feb 27 - Apr 2, 2020


Girls Impact Incubator

Thursdays Feb 27 thru Apr 2

Discover new interests, test new ideas and learn the stories of women leaders through the lens of social impact and entrepreneurship. Take part in challenges designed to spark creativity, build resilience, increase courage, and cultivate problem solving skills.

Feb 27 – Apr 2, 2020

(Only available for grades 3-8)