Full Day

An 8 hour period of time, most commonly 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Lead with STEAM

Explore leadership through STEAM. Take part in challenges designed to inspire creativity, build resilience, increase courage, and cultivate problem solving skills. Develop public speaking, negotiation, and problem-solving skills while building self-confidence and resilience. Learn that leadership isn’t limited to position of authority but is something they can live every day.

Girls in Tech

Get hands-on while exploring careers in STEAM, including engineering, electronics, coding, robotics, and computer science. Use evidence, creativity, and design thinking to solve challenges and discover what motivates you!

Physical Physics

Explore the physics, mathematics, and engineering associated with sports. Get physical and understand how the human body reacts to exercise, training and nutrition. Discover trajectory using water balloon launchers and catapults. Uncover the science of levers used in sports and identify the sweet spot in various sports equipment.

Pirate Science

Shiver me timbers! Learn how to navigate and master maps and find out if X marks the spot of buried treasure. Engineer a raft to escape the island. Build a catapult to defend your ship. Dissect an owl pellet and learn about skeleton science. 

STEAM Design Lab

Build, invent, create and discover. Investigate and experiment with nature, weather, water, Earth and sky. STEAM design challenges follow engineering practices to solve a problem by designing, creating, and testing their design.

Test Kitchen

Investigate chemistry found in your kitchen. Experiment with a variety of kitchen materials to make goop, cause chemical reactions and observe how substances interact and change. Use thermometers, scales and measuring cups to make invisible messages, crystals, octopus diver and ice cream.

Girls Impact MS

Develop public speaking, negotiation, and problem-solving skills while building self-confidence through testing. Understand what made women leaders in science, art, business, sport, politics, and social change successful and their stories of resilience. Explore what inspires you to action, then use design thinking to develop an impact project.

Girls Leadership MS

Stretch beyond your comfort zone to through interactive activities designed to spark creativity while increasing resilience and communication skills. Learn about setting achievable goals and how to implement them. Understand the importance of wellness and healthy approaches to social media. Take time to reflect, build confidence, and develop strategies to overcome life’s stress.